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Occupancy Application Form


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  • Step One

    1. Agent or Responsible party
    2. Closing Information
    3. (48hr notice after payment, application, water meter photo received, no same day inspections, no one is required to be present for inspection) 

    4. Photo is required so Office can verify meter read

    5. Date cannot be more than five days from Closing date and a new water meter read needs to be provided to this email

    6. Third Party Home Inspection
    7. Checklist: Verify that all required items are in working order and in the correct locations.
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    20. Owner’s Representative Legal Statement:

      By signing below, the Applicant certifies that all provisions of the ordinances of VRLB shall be complied with and that all information provided herein is true and correct, to the best of their knowledge; and that I have been authorized to submit this application as his or her agent.