Temporary Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining has been important to our community’s overall well-being and valued by the residents during COVID-19.  Our staff will assist businesses interested in offering this service.  Guidelines and renewals will be considered in light of the evolving guidance from the CDC and the Illinois Governor’s Office. 

Businesses eligible to apply include restaurants and bars already established in the Village that are in good standing.  Businesses whose primary function is video gaming are not eligible to apply.  

Outdoor Alcohol Sales 
Only bars and restaurants with an existing Liquor License in the Village may serve alcohol in an outdoor seating area.  

Permits through November 2, 2020 
Businesses with a permit approved in the spring or summer are valid through November 2, 2020.  All equipment and supplies related to outdoor dining should be fully removed by that day if the business does not intend to offer outdoor dining beyond that date.   

Permits in Cold Weather Months 
Businesses may apply for a permit or permit extension in the cold weather months by demonstrating adherence Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District’s “Fall & Winter COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Guidance”.  Monthly inspections will be required. 

NOTE: Those with an existing permit need only submit an updated site plan and signature page (Parts 3 & 6 of the below application).   

The Village is waiving all costs associated with the permit application, plan reviews and inspections. 

Temporary Outdoor Seating Packet

Illinois Department of Commerce Guidelines