Liquor License

Liquor licenses are required for the public sale and consumption of alcohol. Key information is provided below. All regulations can be in Title 3, Chapter 2 of the Village Code.

Alcoholic Liquor Dealers in the Village Code (Title 3, Chapter 2)

Major Licensing Categories

Below are the major categories of liquor licenses for the retail sale & consumption of alcohol that occurs where described. The annual fee is noted in parentheses. Licensing is required for establishments such as restaurants, bars, clubs, gaming cafes and stores.

Class A: On premises where sold ($900)

Class B: Offsite premises where sold ($600)

Class C: At club quarters of nonprofits ($115)

Class D: On premises of wine and beer only ($600)

Class E: On premises where sold wherein liquor sales exceed 30% of the annual receipts ($900)

Class F: On premises at Renwood Golf Course ($900)

Class H: On premises at Round Lake Beach Civic Center ($250)

Application & Renewal Process

The major classes of liquor licenses must be applied for annually and are effective through April 30 of each year. A completed application and all required attachments must be provided to the Village every year for review by the Liquor Commission. The business and relevant personnel will be required to participate in a background check and fingerprinting by the Village Police Department.

Liquor License Application

Event Liquor Licenses 

A separate class of licenses are issued for events and alcohol tastings. Events may not last more than 3 consecutive days. Applications are subject to the approval of the Liquor Commissioner.

Class A: All types of alcohol consumed on premises at an event ($50 per day)

Class D: Beer only consumed at an event held by a nonprofit community organization ($10 per day)

Class G: Tasting event of wine, beer and/or spirits ($50 per day, or $10 per day for nonprofits)

Daily Liquor License Permit Application