Commercial Permits and Improvements

Building permits are required for constructing or renovating your place of business. Signed architectural drawings will serve as the basis for your permit application. The Village Planner and Director of Inspections will work with you to conduct the plan review, clarify additional specs needed, apply for any variances if applicable, and schedule a general timeline for inspections. Village staff will assist you in understanding building regulations, planning and zoning. Begin by educating yourself at the following links.

Permit & Inspection Fees Ordinance

Building Regulations in the Village Code (Title 8)

Planning & Zoning in the Village Code (Title 9)

Building Permit Application

Variances & Special Uses

Plans that require a variance to the Village Code or request a special use may cause delays in your timelines, as they will be required to go through a special approval process (and possibly a public hearing). The Village Planner will offer alternatives where possible and/or guide you through that process. The packet that must be submitted is provided here for informational purposes, but should not be submitted until you have discussed your circumstances with the Village Planner.

Zoning Request General Application Form

Accessory Use to Business or Tent Sale

An establish business interested in participating in outside sales, associated to the permitted business use, can apply for a permit for an Accessory Use to Business or Tent Sale Application.

Accessory Use to Business or Tent Sale Application

Sign Regulations

The Village’s sign ordinance regulates the type, number and size of signs you may erect (including temporary signs such as banners and pennants). Regulations vary by general business, commercial and industrial districts. Begin by review the signage guidelines. Contact the Village Planner with any questions.

Signage Guidelines