Residential Building Permits

Permits and inspections are required for most work to be done on a property. Click on the appropriate link in the Project Submittal Requirements section below for details about what must be included in the application submission and required inspections. Please direct all questions to

How to Apply

Submit all documents at the Village Hall, lower level counter. We will guide you through the application process and answer any questions.  The property owner or a contractor may apply. A permit application from a contractor requires the property owner’s approval.

 Contractor Registration

All contractors conducting work in the Village are required to register with VRLB annually, including submission of an application, fee and proper licensing. Please be aware that registration and permit applications will be denied if a contractor owes money to VRLB and/or if the contractor has more than ten open projects within the village at any one time. Contractors that neglect to call for all required inspections will be fined $100 per missed inspection; repeated occurrences may cause a contractor to be banned from working in the village.

Application for Contractor Registration


All permits will require one or more inspections to verify work is being done in compliance with Village codes. The number and type of inspections is detailed on the application. The cost for required inspections are included as part of the permit fee. However, additional fees will be charged for cancellations, no-shows and re-inspections required due to a failed inspection. Actual inspections are always required; pictures will not be accepted in lieu of an inspection. Please be aware:

· It is the owner’s responsibility to call the Village to schedule all inspections (not vice-versa).

· Continuing work without scheduling an inspection at the designated time may result in the Village requiring dismantling of work to assure work has been done in compliance with codes.

· Inspections cannot be scheduled without 48 business hours of advance notice.

· Inspections are assigned a time frame: 7:30am to 9:30am, 9:30am to 11:15am or 12:15pm to 3pm.

· Owners/Contractors must be ready at the beginning of the assigned inspection time frame or will be charged a re-inspection fee. Inspectors cannot wait at the property while you finish your work.

 Reasons a Permit May be Denied

There are three primary factors that prevent permit approval: (1) Application submission is incorrect or incomplete, (2) Drawings or specs do not conform to Village codes, or (3) The property has open invoices, liens or code violations. The Village will work with you to resolve any such issue so that your permit request can eventually be approved.


Varies: Permit Fee 

$30: Per Each Re-Inspection

$25: Cancellation within 24 Hours of Scheduled Inspection

$5: Replace Permit Card

$10: Permit Extension

$100; Working without proper inspections

$250: Working without a permit

 Permit Expiration & Extension

Permits are good for 90 days from the date issued, and may be automatically extended for an additional 90 days one time only. A second and final extension requires special approval and will only be permitted if the applicant has achieved substantial progress toward completion. Upon expiration, a new permit application and application fee is required.

 Project Submittal Requirements

Click on the appropriate link for details about what must be included as part of the application submission, required inspections and permit fee.

Accessibility/Handicap Ramp

Accessory Structures (Shed, Gazebo, Pergola, Etc.) Permit Cost $50 ;$70 (with permanent foundation)

Air Conditioner, Furnace, Permit Cost $50 (each)  

Deck Permit Cost $50  

Demolition (Residential) Permit Cost $100 (House); $50 (Detached Garage)

Driveway/Parking Pad Permit Cost $80  

Electrical Upgrades Permit Cost $50  

Fence Permit Cost $25  

Flagpoles & Antennas Permit Cost $25  

Garage (Detached) Permit Cost $80

Generator Permit Cost $50  

Patio, Porches & Sidewalks Permit Cost $50  

Pool Permit Cost $75 (above ground); $300 (in ground)   

Residential Rehab with Plumbing Permit Cost $275 (above ground plumbing); $300 (underground plumbing)  

Residential Rehab without Plumbing Permit Cost $200  

Retaining Wall Permit Cost $25  

Roof Replacement Permit Cost $50  

Plumbing Permit Cost $50  

Siding Replacement Permit Cost $50  

Solar Panel Permit Cost $50  

Spa & Hot Tub Permit Cost $75