Improvement Programs

Capital Improvement Projects

Each year, the Village Engineers determine which roads will be improved based on a number of factors such as condition, age, and volume of traffic. The Village uses pavement management software to determine the condition of our local streets. The software program estimates the rate of pavement degradation and recommends an optimal rehabilitation schedule.

Annual Maintenance Programs

Sidewalk Replacement Program
This is an annual maintenance program to replace damaged sections of sidewalk throughout the Village. The program focuses on replacing sidewalks with trip hazards. The Engineering Department conducts a survey every few years to evaluate the current condition of sidewalks throughout the Village.

Curb Replacement Program 
This is an annual maintenance program to replace hazardous, broken and missing curb throughout the Village. The Engineering Department conducts a survey every few years to evaluate the current condition of curbs throughout the Village.

Crack Sealing
This program is designed to perform preventive maintenance on recently resurfaced asphalt streets throughout the Village by sealing cracks that have developed. The goal of the program is to extend the life cycle of the pavement. Pavement crack sealing is one of the best and most cost-effective preventive maintenance techniques to prolong the life cycle of asphalt pavement.

Pavement Marking Program
This is an annual maintenance program to place new pavement markings with a thermoplastic material on streets throughout the Village. The priorities for striping include school zones and school crosswalks, the business districts and high volume streets.

Street Sweeping
The sweeping of Village streets continues to provide many benefits to residents and the community. Street sweeping effectively removes large and small pollutants that collect along the Village’s Streets. Sweepers collect and remove paper, refuse materials, leaves and other debris which can collect in the gutters. These types of debris are considered pollutants, thereby threaten the stormwater collection system and also block stormwater inlets which result in localized flooding during heavy precipitation. Equally important, is the collection of metal particles and hazardous waste left behind from passing vehicles which are extremely harmful to the environment.

Street Sweeping is completed for the Village once a month starting April through October.

2023 Street Sweeping Schedule (Week of):
April 10
May 1
June 5
July 10
August 7
September 11
October 16