Snow and Ice Control

Snow & Ice Removal Program

The Snow and Ice Control Program was established to combat winter storms while maintaining public safety and preventing damage to life and property. Public Works Department is responsible for carrying out snow and ice control operations on Village streets and parking lots. Police Department helps monitor the pavement conditions between the hours of 3:30pm to 7:00am and notifying Public Works Department as snow and ice conditions develop.

One major problem that works against snow removal operations is people shoveling or blowing snow back onto the street after it has been plowed and salted. Snow that has been deposited onto the street could refreeze and cause a hazardous condition for you or your neighbors. Please place the snow that you shovel off of your driveway and sidewalk onto the adjacent parkway and not back onto the street.
Check that your mailbox and post are in good repair and that they are behind the curb, not leaning out over the street.
If there is a fire hydrant in front of your home, please try to clear the snow around the hydrant. It is there for your protection and that of your neighbors.

Round Lake Beach Snow Plow Route Maps
(Adjustments are made depending on the storm event).

RLB Snow Salting Routes

RLB Snow Plow Routes

Service Priorities

The Village of Round Lake Beach has a number of State of Illinois and Lake County arterial highways. The routes identified below, are NOT the responsibility of the Village:
State of Illinois (IDOT)
• IL Route 83
Lake County (Division of Transportation)
• Fairfield Road
• Rollins Road
• Cedar lake Road
• Monaville Road