parkwaytreesThe Village of Round Lake Beach strives to maintain a safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for both the residents and visitors of our community. A healthy well maintained urban forest can boost property values, reduce storm water run off and erosion, clean our air and contributes to a sense of community pride. Through the implementation of various maintenance efforts and programs, our trees will serve as a longstanding asset to our Village.

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Tree Trimming & Maintenance

The Village maintains and trims parkway trees located on all Village roadways. An annual Tree Trimming Program is conducted between the months of July and August of every year through a contractual program. Trimming is also conducted by Public Works crews before snow plowing season for removal of low hanging branches on the roads and on case by case basis.

Tree Removals & Replacements

The Village places significant emphasis on trees and their environmental, economic and social benefits and specifically their ability to reduce stormwater runoff and air pollution while increasing property values. For that reason the Village will not remove any live parkway tree.
Consideration for removal will be given to dead or hazardous trees that pose a threat to property and trees affected by decease.

The Village does not  require permits for the removal of trees on private property.

The removal and replacement of the Village's parkway trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was a continuous project for the Public Works Department. Spring and Fall Tree Replacement Programs were set into place (as funding allowed) to give the residents options on the replacement tree. The Village removed about 824 parkway trees and planted (by contractor) about 810 new trees between 2013 and 2017.


Mulch pileFree Mulch is available to Round Lake Beach residents at the Public Works Facility located at 911 Lotus Drive. Mulch is generated from tree trimmings and removals.

Residents are invited to bring their own shovels and containers and is available at any time, no appointment necessary.