Zoning & Land Use

Zoning policies and related planning documents regulate the use and development of all land and buildings within the Village. All land is restricted to districts that are designated for particular permitted uses: for example, residential, parks/recreation, business, commercial and industrial. Each districts may also offer a limited number of allowed special uses: in other words, uses which are only allowed after receiving permission by the Village Board. Each district type has specialized requirements related to building size and type, parking requirements, ingress/egress, landscaping, storm drainage and curbs, yards, refuse enclosures and more. Additionally, the Village has created special redevelopment districts that may offer opportunities for new businesses and developers. You can become familiar with the Village’s zoning regulations and where your proposed business/development fits in by reviewing the codes and zoning maps. The Village Planner can also guide you through this information. Contact the planning consultant at Planning@roundlakebeachil.gov 

Planning & Zoning in the Village Code (See Title 9) 

Village Zoning Map 

Village Comprehensive Plan

Orchard Lane Overlay District (Map)

Orchard Lane Overlay District (Ordinance)

Lakefront Park Master Plan

Lake Overlay District (Map)

Lake Overlay District (Ordinance)

Home Occupation

The zoning standards for home occupations are intended to preserve the residential character of the neighborhood, prevent intrusion on the rights of other residents, and clearly establish home occupations as secondary and incidental in relation to the residential use of the property.

Home Occupation Guidelines

Activities Request 

An application must be submitted for a function conducted within Village premises including but not limited to block party, parade, concert, or Carnival etc., that will take place on Village owned property such as roadways or property. Applications submitted will remain on hold until approval or denial of submittal at Village's discretion.

Activities Request Form