Moving & Property Transfers (OP)

Residents and businesses must obtain an Occupancy Permit prior to selling their property in order to transfer the water service and insure the property is safe and up to code. Please contact the Village at 847/546-2351 two or three weeks prior to closing to begin the process.

1. Inspection 

Call to schedule the inspection 2-3 weeks prior to closing. Avoid the time and cost of a re-inspection by reviewing the Occupancy Permit Inspection Checklist, conducting a walk-through of your property and making needed repairs in advance. Please be aware:

· Someone age 18+ years must be present at the property during the entire inspection.

· There is a $60 fee payable at the time of inspection scheduling.

· An Occupancy Permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Extensions will not be granted. A new fee and inspection will be required if the home does not sell/transfer within the 30 days.

NOTE: A Pre-Occupancy Permit and modified inspection will be required in lieu of an Occupancy Permit (OP) in those cases where the new owner intends to conduct major renovations and certifies that the property will not be occupied until such time as a full OP is issued. To prevent delays in processing your OP, be sure to inform the Village if this is the case when you call to schedule the inspection.

2. Final Water Meter Read

A final water meter read must be taken within 5 days of the closing on the inside and outside meters. The final water bill will be calculated only after the inspections and the final read have been completed. Questions about water meter code requirements should be directed to the Public Works Department at 847/546-8752.

3. New Owner Establishes Water/Sewer Service

A $100 deposit is required on all accounts and will be billed to the new owner on the first bill. Water service will be restored between the hours of 7:00am and 3:00pm Monday through Friday. More information is available at the Water Billing page.

Refusal to comply with the above process may result in penalties to the water account.