Registered Sex Offenders

Illinois Registered Sex Offender Program

The State of Illinois requires that each sex offender receives one home visit from a police officer per year. Officers Dawn Bacon and Bob Gannon, monitor the registration of sex offenders and those who have failed to register and are in violation of the law.

* All sex offender & violent offender registrations must be set up in advance with Officers Bacon (847) 546-2127 ext 252 or Officer Gannon (847)546-2127 ext 253 *

 Officers Bacon and Gannon have set a goal of exceeding the once a year required check by checking on each sex offender twice per year. Our goal is to exceed the state requirement of one check per year. By making the offenders aware that we are aware of who they are and where they live we decrease the chances of them re-offending. View a list of registered sex offenders in Illinois

Go back to Police Department main page and click on Sex Offender Search.  You can search by address or within an area.  Searching by name will give you an update on the registration status of an offender.  You can also register for email alerts.