Records Unit

As the repository for all documented calls for service, the Records Unit processes and archives all reports of criminal, non-criminal, traffic and parking activity handled by the department. Part of the Support Services Division, these dedicated individuals ensure that the flow of paperwork is properly handled and smoothly delivered.

Working With Our Citizens
In addition to its record keeping duties, the Records Unit acts as the first representative of the department to citizens. They are usually the first employees citizens encounter when they come to the Police Department or call for information. They assist citizens with:
  • Obtaining copies of reports
  • Dispensing employment applications
  • Accepting payment of parking ticket citations
  • Handling the payment of towing fines and the release of vehicles
Working With Our Officers
The unit assists officers with:
  • Locating records
  • Liaison work with the state's attorney's office by providing copies of reports and other documentation necessary for the successful prosecution of offenders