Investigations Division

Police Cruiser Round LakeThe Investigations Division is responsible for conducting investigations that may require substantial traveling beyond the village's jurisdiction, require specialized skills or training, and are lengthy and in-depth in nature.


The Round Lake Beach Police Department Investigations Division is commanded by the Deputy Chief of Support Services.  The division is supervised by a Commander and is staffed by three detectives, all of whom are certified juvenile officers. The division also has a Special Operations Unit which is staffed by gang / drug investigators.

Preventing Identity Theft & Fraud

White collar crime, computer fraud and identity theft have taken hours of investigators' time to determine the nature and depth of the offenses. According to the Attorney General, Illinois ranks fifth in identity theft complaints and the Department encourages all residents and businesses to protect themselves. Please take advantage of sites such as or to learn how to protect yourself. The Department offers an Identity Theft Victim Assistance program for you as well.